Bar Scatter Line Pie Tree Map

How to Make a Tree Map

  1. Copy a table from your spreadsheet
    • Click and drag over a table in a spreadsheet
    • Press Ctrl+C or right-click on the selection and select "Copy"
  2. Go to
  3. Paste the table into the text area on the front page
    • At click "Clear"
    • Right-click on the text area and press "Paste" or click into the text area and press Ctrl+V

How to Form the Data

First Column : Name

  • Used to identify each node in the tree

Second Column : Parent

  • Used to identify the parent of this node
  • If no rows in the data have this name, it will be treated like a root node

Third Column : Value

  • Used to determine the size of the node

Subsequent Columns

  • Subsequent columns are ignored